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AC/DC Balancing ChargerAC/DC Balancing Charger

Simple efficiency, affordably priced.

Finding time for R/C can be hard. Charging LiFe (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) packs doesn’t have to be. And with the LiFeSource AC/DC Balancing Charger, charging is fast, economical and easy whether you’re at home or at the field. Three charge rates handle 1-3 cell packs and a wide range of capacities. Choose a rate, connect the pack…and you’re done until it tells you your pack is ready to use.

Balancing ensures that each cell charges to its maximum voltage and capacity. Solid construction and safety features ensure that your investment will pay off for a long time to come.

  • Perfect for all LiFeSource LiFe packs

  • Great at home or at the field.
    Compact and lightweight, with a built-in AC power supply for at-home charging and alligator clips for DC charging at the field.

  • Balances as it charges.
    Balancing, a custom charge profile and custom cc/cv (constant current/constant voltage) charge rates ensure fast, full charging — and no overcharging.

  • Simple to set up and use.
    Includes a switch to select charge rates, auto-start at hookup and sound/light cues to signal charge completion or alerts.

  • Built to protect your packs and investment.
    With an impact-resistant case, overload and reverse polarity protection and a full, 5-year limited warranty.*

* Valid only in the United States & Canada.

AC input: 110V AC 60Hz, (18W max.)
DC input: 11-15V DC (40W max.)
Battery types: 3.3-9.9V (1-3S) LiFe packs
Battery capacity range: 200-5000mAh
Fast charge start: auto-start at hookup
Fast charge current: 0.5, 2.5 & 4.0A (AC limit: 2.5A/15W)
Fast charge termination: cc/cv, based on nominal voltage 3.3V per cell
Fast charge safety timer: 90 minutes
Input connections: Attached AC lead w/plug & DC lead w/alligator clips
Output connections: Attached lead with Deans® Ultra Plug® male connector & radio charge jack
Balancing connector: ElectriFly® style 3S (2S adapter included)
Balancing accuracy: 8mV per cell
Max. node current: 100mA
Protective devices: Solid-state reverse polarity & current overload
Dimensions: 4.1 x 3.5 x 1.1 in (104 x 90 x 29 mm)
Weight: 9.2 oz (260 g)
Stock #: HCAM6375

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